HARVEY- a night gospel

so this is what i'm currently working on it. tell me what you think


Mike Jones said...

I bet those kids listen to Radiohead

stefan tosheff said...

i can't even begin to understand what that means

Sam said...

I want to see more!!

stefan tosheff said...


Ricardo said...

Totes Mc armeg-gorgon.. no wait... something about 3....shit! er..
uh, uh
Life on Urt!
Break these cuffs!
One Tear?

Carlyle said...

I'm satisfied with the length of it. I don't think it's necessary to continue with this any further. It ties everything up very nicley.

Also nice colours holmes.

Kaylea said...

Nice, dude.
I like the screen tone textures you're using. I had to read it a few times to fully get what they were talking about, though once you have more pages I don't think that will be a problem cause it'll get explained if other people are dumb like me, ah ha. I'm stoked to see what the change overs are and stuff. The costumes are really cool too.

The only critique I have is that maybe the paint splatters/effects on the text boxes are a little distracting? They look cool, but they're also really 'in' right now so that might date it a little... perhaps? They look good though.