Lonley sports

Just a small thing I did today for a sports magazine.

A quick one

Here is a quick illustration i did for the university paper.
It's about the documentary program we have at our school.

I don't think you're ready

This is the first animation I've done in a long time. enjoy.

Because only fat kids swim with their shirts on...

So here is my attempt to make a lame character cool.
My success is debatable.

"Hey! your nerd is showing"

Gig Poster

Fictional poster for some awesome bands


Djunt, djunt, djent, djunt.

Pixel jack

Some photography and digital modulation

Free lancein'

Here's some of my Editorial work for the university paper.

Digital Illustration

An assignment for class
It's about the NDP and Legalization.

Invisble mask

Ink, gouache, pencil crayon, and digital media.


Oils on Illustration board and digital