This is the process

Here is some work of mine from conception to finalization.

Conor, Thaddeus, and the Minotaur

A school project done in ink and colored photoshop .

This one is of my buddy Conor Moher; loyal as they come, He's as good as a dog.
Done in water colors, just to practice.

mapping the sea of color

and that what happens when you trip on acid .....

constant use of inappropriate language

I should really get a professional website were i can't get away with stuff like this.

school yard scrap

here's something i did for class. the scanner wasn't big enough, but you get the idea. IDEA! idea.....get it?


aren't that fun to paint. arcylics

Playing cardss

my class is creating a set of cards for typography. check it out

life drawings and more

oils on canvas, dawg.