In the act of experimenting with media and style, you expect to find your comforts. How comfortable should I get?


So My band made an EP, check it out the one song we've 
released if you feel so inclined.

Samantha Smith

This painting is going to at the Cobalt art show this weekend. You should come.

I usually just go for it.

I've Been playing around with water colours & 
pencil crayons again, It's a good time.


A small piece for a group show.
Opening Nov 1st at the Cafe of Contemporary Art in North Vancouver.

Sexy Illustration

For a sexy editorial.

Just having an EXTREME time.

Just having fun with animals and lines.

Lets get ill with illustraion

This is for the cover of the Capilano Courier. The article is about street art.

In class assignment

For my advanced illustration class

"Dealing with backstabbers, there is one thing I learned. They're only powerfull when you got you back turned on them"
- Eminem


I have a Tumblr now. Follow me there as well.

No, you're a nerd!

A thing I drew during Web class.
thats why it's spider man. get it?

School has started. My life has ended

But it's not all bad.

Here are some comics that I've made, meant for chuckles not laughs.

Potty Humor

Here is a little Illustration I did for the Capilano Courier this week.

Brutal childhood

Here's a thing I did experimenting with pencil crayons, it was actually pretty fun/interesting. I guess they're not just for kids.


So I was making some concept stuff in Photoshop, and this is kinda what happened.

Break loose

Here's a thing I drew out of my head, I guess I was thinking about breaking free of oppression...
or naked girls.

Spider man in abundance

I redesigned Spider Man's costume for an online competition.
And yes, I know what a girl is.