digital short

im not exactly happy with how it turned out, i would have liked the animation to be better, but alas, only so much time, and only so much patients.


they never really seemed teen aged to me, they always felt like they were college frat boy types, maybe its just me


whats next? maybe an accordion?

guns blades and chains

this drawing makes them look kinda like there a boy band, which was not what i was going for

weekly ill-sick-menstration

inspired by Myles blacks song- when the wind comes down

- the stars keep on folding, keep on folding


characters from a comic book i have in the works...

weekly illustration-pride

he-man has got some real pride

my work

what i've been doing lately


need to fix his arm


this what i do at my new job

factotum naff

the ultimate character

of late

of late i have been have been busy with a job and girl, so this is some of the crap ive produced in my spar time